The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt


I absolutely love the Uplifting Beauty machine and what microcurrent did for me! I get compliments all the time. I look better now than I did 5 years ago. I have acne scars that have faded. My eyes are more open and my face is more defined. I look great without makeup. My complexion is brighter. My skin looks and feels healthier, firmer, and there is no down time. Microcurrent was recommended to me after I had surgery that removed some of my facial nerves, causing the corner of my face to droop. Microcurrent, to my surprise, lifted the side of my mouth up and helped correct the drooping on the one side of my face!
- Josephine Marie from Youngstown, Ohio

Finally, for the first time in my life, I discovered a natural way to improve my skin without any gimmicks. Instantly, the effect was very visible. My skin became tighter and smoother after the treatment. This has been a life-changing experience.
- Hanna Brontnan, New York, New York

I think Uplifting Beauty is the only viable alternative to Botox, the only proven method to looking younger without looking stiff-faced! I’ve been using the BIO 1011 machine twice a week for a couple of weeks now and the results are amazing. My facial muscles, the arch of my eyebrows, the bags under my eyes are lifted and toned. The “crease” across my forehead and the vertical one between my eyebrows are so diminished that I can hardly see them! I get such a kick every time someone asks me if I had lost weight because according to them, my face looks thinner!!! How great is that?
- Reina De La Cruz, New York, New York

I was so pleased with the results of my first treatment, I decided it was an ideal gift to give to myself as a 51st birthday present. A natural way without surgeries or fillers to stay on top and improve my looks. And friends and family could not put a finger on the reason why I was looking younger and refreshed.
- Barbara Kazaba, Point Pleasant, NJ

To be honest, I was a skeptic. But all it took was one Uplifting Beauty treatment to make me a believer. The skin on my cheekbones seemed tighter, the lines around my eyes were diminished, and my skin felt invigorated. Just as an experiment, we used the BIO 1011 wands on one hand and not the other. The improvement in the look of the treated hand was clear. Why would anyone resort to more radical procedures when the Uplifting option is available?
- Deidre Depke, New York, New York

After having cancer twice, a side effect of the radiation was a loss of sensation in my feet. After getting up in the morning, it would take hours every day in order to regain some semblance of a sensation under the balls of my feet, and even then it was a struggle. This made it difficult to walk – without sounding comical, I would walk as if I had flippers on. I had heard of Uplifting Beauty for its cosmetic effects, but I had no idea of the extent of the differences it could make practically speaking. By using the machine weekly, I have been able to regain feeling in my feet immediately – and the progress just keeps increasing. I am now jumping out of bed and proudly walking down the street. With no medicine, no expensive extreme doctor hunting, just the BIO 1011, I am able to regain the feeling that I lost during radiation!
- Arthur Bence, Retired Gestalt Therapist, NYC

Can going back really look this good?
What I like about Uplifting Beauty is that it takes you back to a more youthful you. Detoxifying, de-wrinkling–my cheekbones are more pronounced. A long night working or a taxing night out–no puffy eyes. And the amazing part, and what I LOVE, is that it is you! The technology takes what is under your skin– hampered by age, stifled by stress and patterns of bad behavior– and lifts your skin to its brighter moments. Natural and non-invasive, Uplifting restores you at your best. And with regular use, you can stay that way.

- Charlotte Bence, London, England

I bio-lifted while my boyfriend was away on a business trip, and didn’t tell him! When he saw me, his eyes bugged out, he took a step back and said “WOOOOOW…you look amazing…and so well rested”…this from a guy who does not usually gush to a gal who had just pulled a 70-hour work week…but I had bio-lifted!
- Nicki Coddington, New York, New York

My encounter with “The Magic Machine” was just that….Magic! I had not seen my cousin Susan for many years, but by coincidence we stayed in the same area to vacation last summer and had a wonderful reunion! While together I marveled and stared at her, wondering at her age WHAT kind of cosmetic surgery she had undergone to look so fresh youthful and alive. I didn’t have the nerve to ask, but she HAD to have noticed me staring at her It was at this point that she suggested that I come to visit her and try this fantastic Machine. Initially, I was skeptical and reluctant…seriously what could this be, that works this magic?! After Susan’s partner, Josine, completed one side of my face, I could not believe what I saw–me about 25 years ago!!!!! I could not help but stop at every mirror I passed. I want “The Magic Machine for my home use, to keep up the incredible age reversal that I have been now gifted with!!! I’m SO grateful for this, I would NEVER dream of injections or knives. NO NEED when this does it all and then some. Nothing fake-looking or contorted. Just you, full and fresh and youthful. It makes lines and slouching skin disappear. Your face becomes taut and radiantly beautiful!
- Maryellen DeFranco, Lake Champlain Islands, Vermont